BattleLoop is a blockchain game on WAX Chain.


In a fertile land filled with lush forests, humans have lived in harmony with nature in peace. One day, something unexpected happened. A rift between dimensions happened and swallowed all things into darkness after that incident. Many kingdoms were lost in darkness and invaded with ferocious monsters.
Only the Gaia island remained, protected by a spirit tree. This prevents monsters from invading the humans who live in the area safe. But the power of the spirit tree is limited. The savage monsters were ready and waiting for a chance to invade if the spirit tree's power barrier had weakened.
Humans cannot oppose monsters with their weapons but with the blessing of the spirit tree, thus giving power to the chosen and empowering their weapons to be able to destroy monsters. The chosen one will be able to respawn at the spirit tree every time after dying on the battlefield. The only purpose is to find a source of power to strengthen the spirit tree as much as possible.
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Last update: 26/05/2022
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