Recruiting Giveaway

To celebrate early members and to recruit new members to BattleLoop game, we appreciated for every members that join and support our communities.
Make sure you joined our social media and turned on notifications.
How to:
We will give "New heroes recruiting giveaway!" fragments to be blended into Fine Weapon Chest.
Fragment Weapon
Collecting different fragments [1 x Sword Fragment, 1 x Staff Fragment and 1x Bow Fragment ] to be blended into "Fine equipment chest" containing weapon NFT card
Fine Weapon Chest
Armor Fragment
Collecting different armor fragments [1 x Armor Fragment, 1 x Helmet Fragment and 1 x Gloves Fragment, 1 x Pants Fragment and 1 x Boots Fragment ] to be blended into "Fine Armor Chest" containing armor NFT card.
Fine Armor Chest
Join our communities for updating every our activities and win the Giveaway NFTs card!