Adventure mode

Adventure mode

To enter, click Battle icon on the left of the screen.
Battle Mode
Players can select rarity of Land and see how much reward will be get in each loop.
In this mode the player can prepare up to 3 heroes to adventure in the loop.


Heroes can equip HP and MP Potion before battle in this mode.
Recovery point
HP Potion S
HP Potion M
15 BLG
HP Potion L
25 BLG
MP Potion S
MP Potion M
MP Potion L
10 BLG
This window shows HP and MP Potion that are equip to hero.
Heroes equip Potion

Potion Usage setting

Recovery HP MP
Players can set recovery as a %, which mean when HP or MP of hero is adventure in the loop is lower than a percentage, it will fill in automatically.

MP Recovery

Hero can equip Ultimate skill in Adventure mode, when equip -1 Ultimate skill will increase 5% of MP Recovery from Max MP -2 Ultimate skills will increase 10% of MP Recovery from Max MP For example MP of Archer is 270 point when hero equip 2 Ultimate skills it will increase to 297 point. This Calculate from Max MP of hero and when the loop is ended.
When heroes adventure in the loop, it will show possibilities of monster that will be fight with heroes and reward that players will be get.
If hero died, it will be cool down for 4 hours. Only the one that died, it will not effect on all heroes in the team.
After heroes win, this window will show the loop that heroes passed. HP and MP that are remain will be shown. Also EXP that gain from adventure mode. Player have a choice to Retreat or go to next loop. Retreat will get reward according to commission that player set. If heroes Died he or she will get 20% of the reward.

Loop time

The adventure time of each loop is different. The deeper loop takes more time in the adventure. In each Battle, the monster will fight in terms of turn. If each battle has many turns as both hero and monster be close, It will take time longer for each loop. So the loop time will depend on how speed you can beat the monster in each fight.

Fragment NFT

All Fragment will drop level 5 or higher above and here is the detail of Fragment.
Sword Fragment
Staff Fragment
Bow Fragment
Boots Fragment
Gloves Fragment
Pants Fragment
Helmet Fragment
Armor Fragment
Swordman Stone Fragment
Mage Stone Fragment
Archer Stone Fragment
Spirit Stone Fragment
Land Stone Fragment
Ticket Fragment



If players win in the loop, he or she will be get reward according to the player set.
Player can set commission 1-10% this commission will deducted to players.
5% will go to game fee, other than that will be reward of the players.


If player died the commission (reward) will deducted by 20%.
Game fee 5%, Land owner will get fee 20% and 55% is unpaid.
Fragment and Reward that collected from the loop will be collected and will not effected if heroes win or lose.

For more detail of Dungeon Land and Compensation please check following

Spirit Power

The spirit power will be used to let hero adventure in the loop, if the power is decreased down. Player must top up the power.
The power of spirit is in red. If spirit power is decreased to 0 in adventure mode it will pop up window to show that play need to top up power by using Spirit and Gold Token.
Or it can be top up when player click battle button. If spirit power is not enough, the window will show to let the player top up