How to start

When a player first begins the game, he or she must create a WAX account, which is linked to the wallet.
Character Shop
Beginning with the Novice class, players battle each level of monster using skills and weapons. In each stage, the characters are forced to fight monsters.
Buy Novice Character
When a Novice adventurer gains experience up to Level 3, he or she can choose a class, such as Swordman, Mage, or Archer, and use the special skills of each class to help them survive the adventure. Each class has different stats and skills in combat. Characters will be resurrected at the village if they die while on an adventure using the power of the spirit tree. Then start a new adventure at the beginning.
Character Info
When the player reaches the checkpoint, he or she can choose whether or not to continue the adventure. Or else to end the adventure and return to the village, receiving 100% of the resources gathered up to that point.
However, if the player continues to the next stage and the character dies before reaching the next checkpoint, the player will receive 20% of the acquired resources.
Gold (BLG), Spirit (BLS), and NFT objects are among the resources obtained by characters during their journeys. They can be used to upgrade a group's spirit tree in order to improve the stats of the characters, allowing them to survive longer in the following round of adventures.
Novice Level Up
With a higher level, the monster's level will rise as well. Monsters will be immediately attacked by characters using their skills. According to the skill cooldown period, skills will be used in the order that the player has assigned.
The player's energy is called HP. When the player's HP is low, during expeditions, players can utilize HP potions to boost their health.
When a player's magic point (MP) is low, all skills that rely on MP are disabled during adventures.
When a player dies, they will be put on a 24-hour cooldown period before being able to play again.
Inferno Land
Dungeon Land
Dungeon Land
Players can obtain a Land dungeon NFT to allow other players' heroes to embark on resource adventures. Levels of monster difficulty and collectable resources. It is determined by the rarity of the Land dungeon NFT. Land owners can upgrade their own “Land” to increase monster strength and drop item rarity. The land owner has the option of allocating a percentage of the player's resources. Others join the adventure, and the player who joins must pay the Land owner in proportion to the resources gathered each time.
Land Rarity :
  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
Last update: 20/07/2022