Not found data while playing RIFT mode.

Not found data
- Change PRC link tx at the setting menu and then try to enter RIFT again.
Setting menu

"YOU LOST" text without achievement star

YOU LOST without achievement star
This means the system can not get the transaction results of the battle. Try to refresh to get a new transaction by clicking at refresh button.
Refresh button

I have weapon and armor NFT cards but I can not find them in-game.

You need to transfer your asset from your wallet to game wallet at Transfer portal menu.
Enter Transfer portal
Select your asset that you want to transfer.
Transfer asset from player's wallet to in-game wallet.
Your asset will be in Inventory menu and ready for access.
Your waepon will be in Inventory

I purchased a character on Shop but there not appear in the Inventory menu.

Character empty
Once you bought a character at Shop, the character NFT card will be minted to your wallet and need to transfer to game wallet at Transfer portal menu.
Enter Transfer portal
Transfer character from wallet to in-game wallet

Why my character is shown with a red sword icon and can not enter the RIFT?

a red sword icon
Ready to enter RIFT
To enter the RIFT, a character needs to equip a weapon. Click at a red weapon icon on that character and enter to the character management screen. Equipment a weapon and try to enter RIFT again.