Q: What blockchain does BattleLoop use?

A: BattleLoop is a game which runs on the WAX blockchain.
Q: What are BLD, BLS, and BLG?
A: There are 3 main tokens in BattleLoop.
BLD is BattleLoop Diamond Token BLS is BattleLoop Spirit Token BLG is BattleLoop Gold

Q: How to get assets in BattleLoop?

A: Player can get games assets on AtomicHub.

Q: Can I get all resources from going to adventure or not?

A: No, when choose to flee back village only 50% of the resources collected at that time will be obtained. When the player reaches the checkpoint, he or she can choose whether or not to continue the adventure, or else to end the adventure and return to the village, receiving 100% of the resources gathered up to that point.

Q: How can I get character?

A: You have to get WAX coin first, and buy Diamond tokens to get character.

Q: Can I buy character that has been upgrade class?

A: No, player has to start with Novice class.

Q: How many max character can you have?

A: You can have no limited of character, but when goes to adventure you can selected up to 3 characters.

Q: Can I transfer character to another wallet?

A: No, you can not. The character will locked in player ID.

Q: Can I trade Diamond, Spirit, and Gold tokens?

A: Yes you can trade on alcor exchage.

Q: How can I upgrade character?

A: You can upgrade by using resources to power up the spirit tree to get buff.