The warrior of the island who resurrected to fight forever.
Humans chosen from the spirit tree will be granted the ability to resurrect in the villages every time they die on the battlefield, empowering them to go through adventures and gather resources to recharge the spirit trees … never ever ending. A hero starts out as a Novice and trains himself through adventures to gain experience. When the hero reaches Level 3 (with full EXP. ), players can select one of three character classes to Swordman Lv.1, Magician Lv.1 and Archer Lv.1 OR still progress with Novice class as Lv.4
Novice Info
Novice (Male)
Novice The heroes who lived near and have a bond with the spirit tree. Even though he was just a normal villager when there was an invasion from another dimension. He is ready to defend with basic skills to protect their own island. His fighting skills could still be improved. When the time is ready, he could choose to learn the skills he was expert at.
Swordman (Male)
Swordman the warrior who specializes in using swords as a weapon. Good at melee attacks Inflicting great physical damage is an important force in defending the village from monsters.
Mage (Female)
Mage who specializes in the use of mysterious spells. Attack enemies with strong magic power. But has low defense. Therefore, be very careful while casting spells.
Archer (Female)
Archer who has the ability to see from a distance. Excellent speed and accuracy There is a secret skill in shooting arrows that pierce the enemy's armor to inflict severe injuries.
Condition for upgrading Hero.
  • Novice can be upgrade to max level 10.
  • Novice can be upgrade level when EXP is full and required $BLS, $BLG.
  • Novice can be change class when level is 3 with full EXP.
  • When change class to Swordman, Archer or Mage have to use artifact of those class.
  • Swordman, Archer and Mage can be upgrade to max level 10
  • Swordman, Archer and Mage can be upgrade level when EXP is full and required $BLS, $BLG and also artifact of that class.